Mole & Growth Removal

Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wong can expertly remove moles, growths, and other spots that are cosmetically bothersome to you. Some examples of the types of growths and spots that can be removed include: Age spots, Cysts, Lipomas, Milia, Moles, Sebaceous Hyperplasia (enlarged oil glands), Skin Tags, Sun Spots, Wisdom spots.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wong to Remove My Moles, Growths, and Other Spots?
Dr. Malcolm is a board-certified Dermatologist and has spent years specifically studying the skin and skin diseases. She is highly qualified in removing moles, growths, and other spots.  Her expertise is first and foremost diagnosing the spot, making sure it is in fact harmless before it is removed.  She is also an experienced surgical Dermatologist.  Dr. Wong is a Canadian board-certified Head & Neck Surgeon which gives him unparalleled expertise in surgical removal.

How will the Moles, Growths, or Other Spots be Removed?
There are several options of removal depending upon the type of mole, growth or spot. Dr. Malcolm will discuss with you the best type of removal for the bothersome lesion. Some of the removal techniques include: laser, excision (cutting it out including its ‘roots’), shaving the lesion, electrodessication (‘electric needle’), or cryotherapy (cold spray called liquid nitrogen).

What About Laser?
Certain types of cosmetically bothersome moles and lesions can be safely and effectively removed by laser treatment.  Rejuvaderm is the only Laser Clinic in Northern Alberta to offer this type of removal.  Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wong perform all laser treatments. 

How is Laser Used to Remove Moles and Other Spots?
Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wong use the fractionated CO2 laser to expertly remove certain moles and spots such as dilated oil glands called 'Sebaceous Hyperplasia'.  This laser ablates the surface of these lesions to leave it flush with the skin surface.  The treated area heals quickly.

Why Would I Choose Laser Removal?
The major advantage of laser removal is the outstanding cosmetic outcome.  Most patients find the scar barely noticable after laser treatment.  Excision (cutting out) of a mole leaves an obviuos scar which varies depending upon how it is cut out.

How Much Does Removal Cost?
The cost depends upon the nature of the procedure and often the number of lesions to be removed. A proper consultation with Dr. Malcolm is needed to determine which treatment option is the most suitable for the lesion. If the spot looks worrisome and must be removed to rule out cancer, there is no associated cost to the patient.