Light Therapy

Rejuvaderm is pleased to announce that we will soon be offering narrow-band UVB (nbUVB) light therapy for our patients with Psoriasis. Options for treating Psoriasis may include: topicals, light therapy, systemic therapy, and biologics. Under a Dermatologist’s care, light therapy can provide safe and effective treatment for many patients. Prior to starting light treatment, you will be seen in Dr. Malcolm’s designated Psoriasis Clinic to ensure light therapy is indeed the most appropriate treatment for you.

Narrow-band UVB (nbUVB)
The safest and most effective type of light therapy for patients with Psoriasis is narrow-band UVB (nbUVB). To receive this therapy, a patient stands in front of a special light panel in the clinic for a few minutes a couple times per week.

How Often? How Long Does Each Session Last?
Dr. Malcolm recommends patients come for treatment 2-3 times per week. If the Psoriasis responds, about 24 treatments over a 2-month period should significantly improve or clear the skin. Each light session lasts a few minutes.

How is nbUVB Different From Tanning & the Light Box at QE2 Hospital?
nbUVB is much safer than its predecessors like UVA, PUVA or UVB. Tanning involves UVA rays which are dangerous for the skin. Dermatologists now know that tanning increases your risk of skin cancer, melanoma, aging skin, sun damage, and wrinkles. The QE2 hospital in Grande Prairie offers UVA and broad-band UVB which is not as safe or effective as nbUVB.

What is the Cost?
There is no cost to you as nbUVB is covered by Alberta Heath.