Laser for Acne Scarring

Rejuvaderm offers the most effective laser to treat acne scarring today, the new fractionated CO2 resurfacing laser (in Canada called SmartXide Dot). It is the newest innovation in CO2 laser technology. It is the most effective laser for acne scarring available. Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wong perform all treatments as it is only available to be used by Dermatologists and specialized medical doctors.  Acne scarring is a medical condition and as such should be treated by a qualified physician and not a technician.  Be wary of other laser clinics offering laser treatments for acne and acne scarring as the most effective laser proven to work for acne scarring is the fractionated CO2 resurfacing laser.  There is presently no laser proven to work for active acne.  We are the only clinic in Grande Prairie where you will be assessed by a qualified physician and all laser treatments are performed by a physician.

Acne is a very common condition and unfortunately the scars from acne can have high psychological impact and lifelong consequences for many patients in terms of confidence and self-esteem. Once the acne has been treated, laser can be safely used to help improve the look of acne scars. Dr. Malcolm will review with you the various medical treatments (such as kenalog for keloidal acne scars), cosmetic treatments (such as soft tissue fillers for individual acne scars), and laser treatments for acne scarring to customize a safe and effective treatment plan that meets your personal goals, lifestyle, and budget.  If you have active acne, please first obtain a referral from your family doctor to see Dr. Malcolm in her medical dermatology practice. 

How Does The SmartXide Dot Laser Work?
The SmartXide Dot laser penetrates into the upper layer of the dermis, the supporting layer of skin which contains most of its collagen. SmartXide Dot targets water in these tissues, resulting in tissue ablation inside the ‘dot’. Each ‘dot’ is surrounded by a zone of thermal tissue damage formed by the laser. This thermal damage is responsible for the superior results seen with CO2 lasers.

How Effective is This Laser for Acne Scarring?
Each individual’s results will vary depending upon the acne scars, but on average SmartXide Dot laser improves acne scarring by 50-60%.

How Many Laser Treatments are Needed?
Again this will depend upon the type of acne scars present and their severity. Improvement will be seen after one laser treatment; some patients will require several treatments to see significant improvement.   Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wong will review with you how many treatments may be needed to achieve the expected results.

How Painful is the Treatment?
Treatment is minimally uncomfortable. The use of numbing cream helps minimize discomfort. As a comparison, for patients who have had Fraxel laser in the past for acne scarring, SmartXide Dot laser is much less painful.

How Long After Accutane Should I Wait Before Laser Treatment?
It is recommended patients wait a minimum of 6 months after the Accutane course is finished.

Why Is This Laser Not Available in Spas or Other Laser Clinics in Northern Alberta?
For patient safety, this laser can only be performed by Dermatologists and specialized medical doctors. Dr. Malcolm is the only Dermatologist in Northern Alberta and so the only laser clinic that can offer it.

How Much Does Laser for Acne Scarring Cost?
The cost depends upon the size of the treatment area.