Hair Rejuvenation - illumiWave

Rejuvaderm is pleased to announce that illumiWave laser is now available for the treatment of certain hair loss conditions. illumiWave is a Health Canada approved low-level laser used to stimulate hair re-growth. Treatments are supervised by Dr. Malcolm, Dermatologist, or Dr. Wong, Head & Neck Surgeon.  We are the only clinic in Northern Alberta (North of Edmonton) to provide this treatment. 

 How Does illumiWave Work?
The illumiWave Pro-series laser uses over 180 laser diodes to stimulate the hair. Laser bio-stimulation energy is delivered to the scalp which in turn opens up the vascular network within the scalp by using a cell signaling process. This cell signaling process leads to increased protein and nutrient production, which is delivered up to the hair follicle site.


Hair Rejuvenation


Conditions Treated

Androgenic Alopecia (‘Balding’) in both men and women
Alopecia Areata (autoimmune condition whereby hair is lost in patches)
Telogen Effluvium (‘Excessive shedding’) which can occur after delivery of a baby, stress, chemotherapy, certain medications, etc.
Unhealthy appearing hair

Is the Laser Safe? Is Treatment Painful?
The IllumiWave Pro-series laser is very safe to use. Treatment is pain-free. Some patients report a mild tingling or warming sensation which typically goes away within 20 minutes of completing the treatment. The laser’s low level energy does not alter molecular structures, but stimulates the body's mechanisms to repair and heal itself.

How Long and How Often areTreatments?
Treatment time is 20 minutes. Treatments are performed 2/week for 8 weeks then 1/week for 8 weeks and then every other week (2/month) for the rest of the year.  Protocols can be changed to a certain degree to fit your lifestyle.

Combination Therapy to Increase Results
Depending upon the hair loss condition, other medical treatments maybe encouraged. 

What Is the Cost?
At Rejuvaderm, we feel that this laser treatment should be offered at an affordable price. Consequently we offer a year’s worth of treatment for $1200 or pay per month at $125/month.