At Rejuvaderm, we specialize in laser treatments for many different skin conditions and we are pleased to offer the newest laser technologies available.  Our main goals are outstanding patient results combined first and foremost with patient safety.  Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wong will provide advice on what laser treatments will work for your conditions and customize a treatment plan taking into account your personal needs, lifestyle, and budget.  Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wong will first assess your skin condition to advise you if laser treatment is indeed the appropriate and best treatment for your skin concern.  If laser will not work or if other treatments are better suited for your conditions, then they will be offered instead of laser treatments.

Dr. Malcolm is a Canadian and US board-certified Dermatologist and an expert in Lasers.  She trained in Dermatology at the University of Toronto and has received advanced certification in Lasers.  Dr. Wong is a Head & Neck Surgeon and also has advanced certification in Lasers.  Dr. Malcolm, Dr. Wong or their Dermatology nurse perform all laser hair removal treatments.  Dr. Malcolm or Dr. Wong perform all other laser treatments.  All patients are assessed by Dr. Malcolm or Dr. Wong prior to laser treatment.  Dr. Malcolm or Dr. Wong are in the clinic at all times.

Laser complications are commonly seen when not performed by qualified personnel.  Why take a chance with your skin?  Trust your skin to the skincare experts at Rejuvaderm.

Why Should I Choose Rejuvaderm for My Laser Treatments?

    • Rejuvaderm offers the newest state-of the art lasers for Dermatology in all of Northern Alberta so patients are able to obtain the best results in the fewest number of treatments
    • Rejuvaderm is able to offer lasers not available for use at other laser clinics or spas.  For patient safety, one of the lasers used at Rejuvaderm is only available to be used by Dermatologists and specialized medical doctors and is not available at any other laser clinics or spas in Northern Alberta
    • Rejuvaderm is the only laser clinic in Northern Alberta and Northeastern BC supervised by a board certified Dermatologist
    • All laser treatments are performed by Dr. Malcolm or Dr. Wong or their Dermatology nurse as distinct from a technician with no medical training at some spas or laser centers
    • Dr. Malcolm or Dr. Wong are on site in the clinic at all times
    • All patients are assessed by Dr. Malcolm, Dermatologist, or Dr. Wong, Head & Neck Surgeon, prior to laser treatment
    • Rejuvaderm is the only laser clinic in Grande Prairie certified and accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta