Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is a common procedure Dr. Wong and Jennifer perform. It is performed in all age groups for a variety of reasons, some including: to subtly enhance the lips, to provide lost volume to the lips, to accentuate the lip margin, to make lips fuller, and to correct asymmetrical lips. 

Why Should I See Dr. Wong and Jennifer for My Lip Enhancement?
Dr. Wong is a Head & Neck surgeon and the only one in this area offering cosmetic facial treatments alongside Jennifer; LPN.  Both have advanced certification in Fillers and are experienced in the procedure. Dr. Wong and Jennifer will assess your lips in detail and customize your treatment to give you natural looking results.

What is a Mini-Lip Fill?
Mini-Lip Fill refers to using a small volume of soft tissue filler to subtle enhance the lips.

What is a Full Lip Fill?
A Full-Lip Fill generally refers to using an entire syringe of filler. A small amount is placed around the lip margin to enhance the outline of the lips, cupids bow, and philtral columns, and then the rest is precisely placed into the body of the lips to add fullness.

How Long Before I See Results? How Long Does it Last?
Results are immediate. Juvederm lasts on average 9-12 months.

How Painful is the Procedure?
Most patients tolerate the procedure well. To minimize discomfort, Juvederm with lidocaine is used which contains a numbing agent. Dr. Wong and Jennifercommonly use ice, topical numbing solutions, and/or nerve blocks to make the procedure more comfortable for you.

What Side-Effects are Possible?
Overall, it is very well tolerated. The most common side-effects include swelling and bruising which can last for a few days, rarely up to a week.